"A unique degree": the start of a journey of growth and discovery

Thursday, December 14, 2023 - 18:30

These are days of happiness and firsts for the new Católica students who continue to arrive on campus. As they get to know their classmates, professors, and the school where they will spend the next few years, students Mariana, Marta and Mariana tell us that they hope to "grow" and "make good friends".

They chose the Faculty of Human Sciences (FCH) to study Applied Foreign Languages, which they describe as "a unique degree in Portugal, with different aspects from the others".

Marta recognises that the course "has wide-ranging subjects", which provides "more opportunities", including "studying abroad", something the three classmates are already planning. They dream of an Erasmus semester in Milan, or perhaps Holland, hoping to "gain a greater knowledge of the world and other cultures".

It's still too early to think about a career, but the doors aren't closed to Marketing or Public Relations, areas they intend to delve into, were it not for the fact that this is an interdisciplinary faculty with six different degrees, nine masters and six doctorates.

"Here they will be able to develop truly transformative skills," said FCH Director Nelson Ribeiro at the welcoming ceremony on September 1st, highlighting "creativity and critical thinking".

The Director also revealed that this new academic year will see the arrival of "students from 56 different countries, totalling 420 foreign students, a record number". In addition, there are more than 300 students on mobility programmes at the Faculty.

Also present at the ceremony, Vice-Rector Peter Hanenberg congratulated the new students on their "courageous decision" to start a university course. "The production of knowledge is the university's own vocation, and choosing to be part of the university is choosing to be part of the production of knowledge," he stated.

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