HOME - A photography competition (update)

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 12:59

Anywhere I am gonna
lay my head, boys,
I will call my home

Tom Waits

Once one has torn up one’s roots, one becomes a piece of driftwood, after all, or floatsam.
It is the tides and currents that become one’s fluid, uncertain home.

Anita Desai

The submissions are closed and after collecting all participations the jury will deliberate.

The best 20 photographs will be displayed in an exhibition at the Faculty in December.



Alexandra Lopes – Culture Studies
Marília dos Santos Lopes – Culture Studies
Paulo Campos Pinto – Cultura@Católica
Cátia Ferreira – Photography, Visual Communication
Augusta Gaspar - Psychology
Carla Ganito – International Relations Coordinator