​CECC Researcher Launches Series on Artificial Intelligence and Time Travel

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 17:58

Jan Świerkowski, CECC researcher and leader of group Instytut B61 is the producer of the Portal @theportaldiaries, an initiative by the European Commission in launching a sci-fi project on Instagram about the future of technology in the EU through  an adventure series for teenagers about artificial intelligence and time travel. The series commissioned by the EU Commission (Digital Connect) is available on the Instagram account @theportaldiaries and will be officially launched in June. The series goal is to raise awareness of scientific and technological innovations developed in Europe among young people. 

The Portal depicts the optimistic future where science and technology provides great opportunities when it serves society, not tech giants or regimes. The story has been inspired by the fascinating European innovations (from quantum computers and an artificial photosynthesis to a cyber-hand and robot-plants).

The story follows Anna: a fifteen-year-old depreessed with the state of our planet and lost in the world of prejudice and misinformation. She keeps a diary as her life is about to change. She finds a portal to the world of tomorrow. Through her conversations with AI and horrifying experience with a deep fake she learns that in an unpredictable future, she has to constantly learn and reinvent herself. Her diary documents the transition between a young person, scared of the prospect of tomorrow, to a person that trusts the uncertainties of the future. Watch the trailer here.

The authors Katarzyna Kifert and Dawid Marcinkowski AKA The Kissinger Twins are award-winning director duo exploring the intersection of film and technology. More information here. The producer of the Portal is astronomer Jan Świerkowski, researcher at CECC and leader of group Instytut B61 famous for award-winning art & science experiences. More information here.