Social Work: History and Foundations

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

To provide information and interpretative keys for a historical and conceptual informed positioning about Social Work, on the picture of present social professions;
To present a basic picture of reference to the understanding of Social Work history as a social profession.

To describe and analyse Social Work emergency and institutionalisation in the “Social Question” context, identifying the main historical problematic and historical variables in this process.

To point out and analyse Portuguese Social Work emergency and institutionalisation, from a comparative perspective.

To identify and analyse the development of Social Work conceptual basis and intervention models, through a general overview of the classic methods;
To point out and analyse, from a introductory way, the critical movements and the reconceptualisation of Social Work classical paradigm, on the 60-70 years of the 20th century.


Associate Professor
Associate professor at UCP – the Catholic University of Portugal. He gained a PhD in Social Work (specialisation: social policy and social movements) in 2001. He…
Free-lance Service Provider
Holder of ungraduate degree in Social Work from the Faculty of Human Sciences and in Religious Sciences from the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic…