Philosophy of Language

6 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Students should know the origins of philosophical reflection on language, starting from the debates of Plato with the sophistic school. They should also identify and contrast the conventionalist and naturalist theses on the problem of origin, recognize the main stages of its development and the reasons for its abandonment. They should also understand the relationship between thought and language and recognize the need for the mediation of thought by linguistic symbols. Finally, they will address recent philosophical disputes about the problem of meaning and reference, identifying their main representatives, particularly in the field of phenomenology, ordinary language philosophy and analytic philosophy. As a conclusion of the study, students should still be able to distinguish the specificity of the philosophical approach to the problems of language, in contrast to the approach that is proper to the sciences of language.


Assistant Professor
He graduated in Philosophy from the UCP – the Catholic University of Portugal (Lisbon), with the final classification of 16.13/20. IN 1996, he obtained his…