Media Discourse Analysis

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Knowing that discourse is not a sequence of disconnected sentences and that social life is processed through discursive expressions in which speaker relationships cannot be discarded, we need to strive to grasp and understand the mechanisms of linguistic conversation in discourse and approach language both as discourse and as structured according to pre-defined norms. This study necessarily involves the pragmatic facet to discourse and enunciation theory, gender and register studies and the structuring of oral discourse and written discourse. We hence approach discourse from the perspective of a correlation between linguistics and social structure, between language and power, and language. Here, students deal with decoding discourse strategies through analysis and discourse construction, either written or spoken. Learning how to create a discourse in its different genres: argumentative, expositive or only persuasive. Learning how to cope with public speaking, how to overpower an audience. Detailed analysis of journalistic and advertising genres.


Assistant Professor
Auxiliary Professor at the FCH – Faculty of Human Sciences, the UCP – Catholic University of Portugal, Researcher at CECC, 2010: FHS-UCP, Lisbon - PhD in…