Italian Language III

2.5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Based on a selection of exercises, press articles and other authentic reading and audiovisual materials, the objective of the program is to develop linguistic competence, consolidate written and oral skills and to further develop knowledge of Italian culture in a broad sense. Thus, the textuality and authenticity of materials will be the starting point for a thematic approach based on the full conviction that the textual dimension activates all of the students' language skills by exposing them to a wide range of morpho-syntactic and lexical structures, while at the same time stimulating the study of the meanings and uses of language in a specific context. More specifically, reading comprehension is developed through specific strategies, written skills are improved by the production of various types of texts and with oral skills expanded by developing competence and fluency in different registers of language. Therefore, the desired level in the Language Reference for Common European Framework is B1.1


Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Human Sciences (FCH). He received his doctorate in Cultural Studies from the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Portuguese…