Organisations Management

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

This curricular unit serves as an 'introduction to management' and provides students with the opportunity to gain an additional "maturity" in order to better transition into the labour market no matter what their respective future jobs. Hence, the syllabus helps students to think appropriately about both organizations and themselves as organization members as well as perceiving of management as a mosaic of personal practices in which thinking and doing, deciding and implementing, are closely intertwined. Objectives: To acquire an integrated perspective of management, both conceptual and empirical; To understand the human reality(ies) of organizations; To stimulate self-awareness as someone who works or will work in organizational environments; To enrich the professional projects of students enabling organizational awareness; Competences for strengthening: To identify the basic components and factors of management; To determine the complexity of the people issues in organizations; To identify and to value leadership practices in organizations To be able to propose the reasoning for a basic marketing plan.


Assistant Professor
Assistant Guest Professor at the FCH – the Faculty of Human Sciences, lecturing on the first and second cycles as well as on the Advanced Training and Post…