Ecology and Environmental Ethics

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese
  • To define and to problematize concepts within the scope of the curricular unit: ecology, environment, nature, culture and technique.
  • To distinguish the anthropocentric, ecocentric and biocentric conceptions regarding the ethical problem of the value of Nature.
  • To recognize the main domains of environmental ethics and to problematize the conceptions mentioned above, based on Hans Jonas's concept of "responsibility", Aldo Leopold's concept of "land ethics" and divergent ideas in the context of animal ethics.
  • To understand the importance of a political framework in response to the problems of environmental ethics.
  • To identify and to problematize the fundamental contours of divergent ethical movements that have arisen in response to contemporary ecological demand, such as ecosophy or deep ecology and ecofeminism.


Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Catholic University of Portugal, member of the Philosophy Studies Centre and member of the Luso…