Research Seminar II

6 ECTS / Semester / Inglês

Objectives: Following up on Research Colloquium I, this seminar aims to stimulate critical reflection on research in Cultural Studies, helping students frame their individual dissertations in research developed in this area of knowledge.
Based on the work plan presented by the participants in the previous semester, the seminar aims at monitoring their ongoing projects. An important component will be the discussion of the projects by peers, so as to help students with the development and communication of their work.

Competences: development of research and reading skills, the development of critical thinking as well as academic writing and presentation, communication and discussion of research results. The seminar will also be a space for discussing the work by peers, aiming at an informed and constructive community of knowledge. The seminar further aims to develop knowledge on ways of disseminating the work.


Professor Associado
Vice-Reitor para a Investigação e Inovação, Diretor da Católica Doctoral School (CADOS), Doutorado em Línguas e Literaturas Modernas pela Universidade de…