Mestrado em Psicologia e Sustentabilidade Ambiental

Descrição do Programa

This MSc Program Psychology and Environmental Sustainability is part of the response of Psychology to the climate emergency the world is experiencing today. In recent years Psychology scholars and their professional associations – for example, the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Portuguese Order of Psychologists (OPP) - began to mobilize to encourage academics to apply knowledge from all subdomains in Psychology toward understanding environment-related human attitudes and habits, and to foster pro-environmental behavior of both individuals and organizations. Last but not least, this knowledge is critical to informing policymakers. 

Environmental sustainability is also a fast-growing area of recruitment in companies that are increasingly looking to enhance their social responsibility in this domain. This MSc program seeks to respond to such growing market demands, by strengthening the students’ profile in behavioral sciences/psychology conceptual and methodological approaches and tools, and data science applications.

General goals

Use the extensive knowledge of human emotional and cognitive processes to improve understanding of human environment-related behaviour, to foster further understanding of the topic, and improve ways to communicate about it.

Advance basic knowledge on pro-environment and sustainability behaviour change, and on applications and interventions toward environmental sustainability, at the individual, group, organizational, and societal levels.

Prepare psychologists and other professionals to actively participate in and contribute in their areas of work and diversified contexts of activity to design and test interventions that involve behaviour and/or policy change toward environmental sustainability.


Knowledge and Competences

The master program is ideal for many types of professionals:

(1) Holders of an Honors Degree (BA or BS)  in Psychology, Biology and/or other Natural Sciences, and Education, and with an interest in Development and Education, especially Environmental Education, to acquire knowledge on how to harness current knowledge on motivation in education contexts to design evidence-based programs, projects, interventions, and pedagogical materials,  to study and intervene toward boosting motivation and pro-environmental behavior in children and youth.

(2) Holders of an Honors Degree (BA or BS)  in Psychology, Business Administration, Marketing, Economy, Marketing, Communication, and akin, with interest in developing their skills to work as consulting experts in the highly sought fields of Corporate Social Responsibility and Behavioral Insights in the areas such as Pro-environmental consumerism, Pro-environmental and Sustainable practices within organizations, Policy-making, Healthy work environments, and Marketing and Communication strategies for environmental sustainability changes, or Healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

(3) other professionals holding at least an honors degree, with a relevant CV, and whose career demands may benefit from the specific skills acquired in this program.


Gabinete de Admissões - Mestrados

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