Research Colloquium II

6 ECTs / Semester / Inglês

The Research Colloquium is intended as an opportunity for regular progress monitoring of participants’ research projects. Students are expected to present and share their work in its different stages of development with the group. The experience of presenting and discussing ongoing work aims at raising awareness for the need and the possibilities of disseminating research results in a wider scientific community.

The colloquium will focus on developing strategies for articulating students’ research with research developed by the national and the international community. Following the work developed in Research Colloquium I, the seminar will target research and reading competences, as well as presentation and writing skills. Attention will be devoted to active reception of work developed by peers: students will be encouraged to take part in informed and constructive discussion of other students’ work. The colloquium will further promote ways of disseminating research results and publication channels that are relevant for the field of study.


Professor Associado
Diretor da Católica Doctoral School (CADOS), Doutorado em Línguas e Literaturas Modernas pela Universidade de Bamberg, Alemanha, desde 2006 Professor Associado…