Metaculture II

10 ECTS / Semestral / Inglês

Metaculture II reflects on the cross-cultural processes of transformation, translation and exchange. It takes Culture Studies and Literary Theory as its main object of study and questions critically the strategies and theoretical developments over the past 30 years, by looking particularly at the shift in perspective from culture as an 'original' to culture as a process of translation. The seminar will debate literary and cultural concepts of originality and copying, including theories of intertextuality, theories of intercultural interaction, such as theories of translation and hybridity.

Apart from advanced communication and written skills, the seminar aims to foster a global understanding of culture and the field of studies commonly known as cultural studies. Furthermore, the seminar aims to develop in the student intercultural competencies arising from a comparative approach and contribute to foster a critical reasoning supported by informed academic arguments. The student will be able to diagnose a problem, to place it in its socio-cultural context and compare it to similar or contrastive cultural realities as well as to interpret and discuss it using the scientific language of its own academic community. Following the Dublin descriptors, and as a third cycle seminar, Metaculture II will guide the student in doing original, critical research, that engages in a fruitful and systematic dialogue with the scholarly community of the field of study.


Professor Catedrático
Professora Catedrática de Estudos de Cultura e Reitora da Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP). É Licenciada em Línguas e Literaturas Modernas pela Faculdade…