Culture, Production and Creativity

6 ECTS / Semester / Inglês

This Module proposes different approaches to promote Culture and Creativity, adding value to the process of Production and Business Models Generation. Creativity is introduced as a process and how it is related to Culture and Production processes. The focus of the coursework will be on Innovation, as a tool/methodology that converge into contemporary Culture related with Enterprises and Business Models, fostering production and entrepreneurship. Innovation will be presented as a stronger driver for changes in the society under the framework of Cultural and Creative Industries. Upon the completion of this module the students should be prepared to:

Understand the concept of Cultural and Creative Industries
Understand, the role and value of Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship and Production
Understand Creativity as process developed by Design Thinking methodologies
Understand Digital Technology, its Trends, Promises and Opportunities
Develop knowledge and capacities of Generating passionate ideas
Practice the process of Generating Production and Business Models
Present a concept in a Pitch format (Pecha Kucha) and refine it according to feedback from their peers.


Professor Associado
Vice-Reitor para a Investigação e Inovação, Diretor da Católica Doctoral School (CADOS), Doutorado em Línguas e Literaturas Modernas pela Universidade de…