Curatorial Cultures: Monocultures, Multicultures, and Permacultures (of display)

9h / Inglês
  1. Monoculture farming as monoculture artistic and institutional practices: necessary and damaging effects; 
  2. Mono vs multi(re)framings of contemporary art and ‘interpretive communities’;
  3. Permacultural approaches;
  4. The Museums of today, the museums of the future (if any).


  Ana Fabíola Maurício (b. 1985, Lisbon) is Head of the Research and Innovation Office of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP…
Doutorada em Culture Studies pela Humboldt & Viadrina School of Governance, em Berlim, e Mestre em Curating Contemporary Art pela Royal College of Art, em…