Grad Lab

2 ECTS / Semester / Inglês

Academic writing: the main goal of Academic Writing is to prepare students for effectively engaging in advanced written communication in an academic environment. Students will develop theoretical and practical skills to successfully read and write academic texts, and to differentiate the specificities of academic writing from other genres, namely the literary and media texts. Special attention will be paid to textual organisation and coherence and to the argumentative requirements of academic writing. Considering the multicultural makeup of the program’s student cohort, students will also explore differences across academic communities, and critically examine the implications of the dominant position of academic discourses in English in a global context. Attention will also be paid to different varieties of the English language and the ideological implications of selecting and using a particular linguistic variety.


Professor Auxiliar
Doutorada em Literatura Comparada pela State University of New York at Stony Brook (2017), é desde 2018 Professora Auxiliar Convidada em línguas e tradução…