Alfredo Brant is a Brazilian/Italian photographer and artist. After graduating in Journalism  (UFMG, 2005) in Brazil, he moved to Paris in 2005 where he lived and worked for 11 years. He concluded the Masters in Photography and Contemporary Art (Université Paris 8, 2010). He has lived in Italy where he completed an internship at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna and in London working with corporate photography. As an independent photographer, he is specialized in documentary photography and portraits. He has also developed documentary projects in Canada, India and France, and his work has been presented in photographic exhibitions in France, Switzerland, Italy and Brazil. Alfredo took part at artistic residences in France and Brazil and was awarded with the Prix Arte Creative (2013), for his work Portrait de l’Expatrié. He has recently developed projects in photo-book edition in Brazil and published the book Deslocações (2019).

For the PhD program, his currently research is focused on how visual production (specially photography) can be analysed in the large field of culture. In other words, how the production, circulation and perception of images have become essencial cultural aspects of our lives. Furthermore, he is also interested in some topics like visual literacy as a factor of individual self-fulfilment and social engagement and the concept of  poetic-action in the field of visual production. For his empirical research, he would like to study visual projects working with concepts like interactivity with the documented object,  project autonomy and the notion of author to collective authorship.