Leonor Sá has been a museum curator responsible for the “Portuguese Judiciary Police Museum” since 1993, when she started its organization.

She has a degree and a master degree in German Literary Studies (Universidade de Lisboa and Universidade Nova de Lisboa), a post graduation in Museum Studies (Universidade Lusófona; traineeship at Ecomuseum de la Haute Bausse, Quebec, Canada) and a PhD in Culture Studies at the Portuguese Catholic University on the topic of the first judicial criminal portraits in Portugal at the end of the 19th century. Her thesis was distinguished with the "BPI/Lisbon Consortium Award" for best thesis in Culture Studies in 2015.

Leonor Sá has also created and coordinated interdisciplinary projects for the protection of the Portuguese cultural heritage which were awarded at a national and international level (Grand Prix of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/EUROPA NOSTRA 2013, Category 4) and has been curator of several exhibitions. She has published Infâmia e fama: o mistério dos primeiros retratos judiciários em Portugal 1869-1895 (Infamy and fame: the mistery of the first judicial portraits in Portugal 1869-1895) - awarded with an Honorable Mention by the Grémio Literário, - and a book of poetry intitled A poesia está fechada (Poetry is shut down). She has also coordinated various works, published more than 30 articles and presented numerous papers in Portugal and abroad.