Anabela Mendes (1951) is a Germanist and Professor in the Department of German Studies at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon. She investigates and gives lectures on Literature of German Expression, German Culture, German Radio Theory, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, Science and Art, Theory and Aesthetics of Drama, Sociology of Performing Arts, Portuguese Literature, Literature and Science and Long Travel Literature. She is the author of a large number of publications in these areas (in Portuguese, German and English) and participates regularly in national and international conferences. During the last years, she has organized international and transdisciplinary conferences on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Fernando Pessoa, Garcia de Orta and Alexander von Humboldt, on Aby M. Warburg and his elliptic crossings through art, history and culture. Recently she conceived and coordinated an international and transdisciplinarian project dedicated to Long distance travels: Routes and Mappings.

She has been a member of the Research Centre for Communication and Culture since 2007, integrating the Research Line Translating Europe across the Ages / Narrating Europe: Experiences and Representations coordinated by Prof. Peter Hanenberg.

She has been a literary translator, since 1972, of plays by Thomas Bernhard, Bertolt Brecht Daniil Charms, Thea Dorn, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Peter Handke, Ödo von Horváth, Wassily Kandinsky, Heinrich von Kleist, Heiner Müller, Arthur Schnitzler, Patrick Süsskind, Frank Wedekind.

As dramaturgist, playwright, assistant-director and director, she has worked in close collaboration with various academic and professional acting groups in the creation of artistic projects in Lisbon, Berlin and Panjim (India).