Márcia Dias Sousa is a PhD candidate in Translation Studies, holding a BA in Media Studies and an MA in Translation. Her final PhD thesis is being pursued in the field of News Translation, aiming to understand how the Portuguese press (re)translated the official papal speeches as delivered before the United Nations General Assembly (from 1965 to 2015). As a junior researcher, she has been developing her work through an interdisciplinary approach, crossing Translation Studies especially with Media, Religious and Cultural Studies. She has been particularly devoted to the comprehension of how the Catholic religious heritage has been rewritten [therefore, (re)translated] throughout the years, namely in/by the media, and how cultural factors have been shaping such a process. Analysis of intersemiotic translation and of processes of translation within Portuguese institutions (such as in the national broadcaster RTP) is also among her recent works. Furthermore, she has translated Colleen Carroll Campbell’s My Sisters the Saints: a Spiritual Memoir into European Portuguese for her Master’s dissertation, and she is the author of the children’s book Fantocheiro Meu, Fantocheiro Meu: Peças de Teatro Infantil de Fantoches (2013, 3rd edition).