Maria Sequeira Mendes is currently an assistant professor at the University of Lisbon. She was awarded her PhD in 2012 (Literary Theory Program, University of Lisbon). Since then, she was an assistant professor at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (2005-2017) and a Beaufort visiting scholar at St John's College, University of Cambridge (2017). She is a corresponding member in the Centre for Mediaeval and Early Modern Law and Literature (University of St Andrews), a researcher at the Catholic University (CECC) and she collaborates with the Project Global Shakespeare's (MIT, Massachussets Institute of Technology). She has published articles in "Law and Literature" and "Law and Humanities", among other journals. She is currently doing research for what will be a book on Shakespeare and flattery, while revising for publication a monograph on the medieval ordeal, torture and literary interpretation. Research interests include literary theory, studies in law and literature, Shakespeare and theatre studies.  

For procrastination purposes, she collaborates with the theatre company Cão Solteiro and has created, with two other friends, a website on poetry and criticism (