Gonçalo Pereira Rosa holds a PhD in Sociology and Media Studies at ISCTE-Lisbon (IUL), a Masters Degree in Communication and Culture (2005) and a degree in Communication Studies (1997).

He has taught regularly since 2003 at Lisbon's Independent University and at the Catholic University of Portugal. He has also participated in communication courses for scientific agents. Apart from his researcher career, he has also worked as a journalist since 1994. He is the chief-editor of the Portuguese edition of National Geographic Magazine and he has produced features for most weekly magazines in Portugal.

His main areas of interest for research are the rise of environmental issues in the media; the framing of scientific and technological issues by journalists; and, more recently, the news coverage of risk society incidents. He is the autor of “A Quercus nas Notícias – Consolidação de uma Fonte Não Oficial nas Notícias de Ambiente” (2005), a report on the rise of an environmental NGO to the public arena. He has also published articles on crime trends in the media; cartoon depictions of risk incidents; and environmental crises in the press. His current work led him to analyse the flu pandemic of 2009 and its representations in local media.