Generic Bio

A professor in the IEO – Institute of Oriental Studies (integrated into the FCH in 2011) of the Catholic University of Portugal since the 2007/2008 academic year to lecture the Japanese language course. He collaborates with the Luso-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry running Japanese language and cultural training programs. He graduated in Lusophone Studies and Pedagogy that provided the opportunity to participate in an international and intercultural relations program at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, a state Japanese university in Tokyo. Completed professional accountancy and auditing training and business management within the framework of the ISO 9000 quality and audit system in Lisbon. He has participation in cultural events that counted upon the support of the Embassy of Japan and other entities. He was a speaker at the seminar entitled "The Portuguese Language in Japan" run by the Geography Society of Lisbon within the framework of Commemorations of the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of Peace, Trade and Friendship between Portugal and Japan in 2010. Within the scope of his professional experience, he was employed in Tokyo by a Japanese company with a manufacturing unit in Portugal throughout three years and contributed towards the Japan Pavilion at EXPO`98 in Lisbon. Throughout these experiences, he has observed interpersonal relationships within both the professional and personal contexts between Japanese and Portuguese interlocutors. These experiences have resulted in the development of training program designed with the objective of contributing towards a better understanding of persons from such distinct cultures as is the case with those of Japan and Portugal.