PhD in Culture Studies awarded by the UCP – Catholic University of Portugal with his thesis on the memories of origins in Andrei Tarkovsky's exile films. He lectures in Film Genres at the FCH and is a researcher at the Research Centre for Communication and Culture Studies, in the research line "Art, Culture and Citizenship" (CULTCIT). Besides studies on Tarkovsky's work, he has also developed research on contemporary Russian cinema (from Perestroika to present days) and film genres. He is the author of Tarkovsky. Memory of the origins in Nostalgia and The Sacrifice.

A dimensão dialógica do exílio em Nostalgia de Andrei Tarkovsky

Rui Braz (with Rui Manuel Brás). 2014. Diffractions

A caminho da Terra Prometida socialista.

Rui Braz (with Rui Manuel Brás). 2007. Sociedade em Estudos