Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor at FCH-UCP – the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Catholic University of Portugal, where he coordinates the Master's Degree in School Management. He is also Executive Director of the AEEP – the Association of Private and Cooperative Teaching Establishments and member of the Board of CNEF – the National Confederation of Education and Training. He coordinated the QUALIS program for the self-evaluation of schools in the Azores and participated in the external evaluation team of the New Opportunities government program, where he coordinated Axis III. He was a member of the Observatory of the Education Technology Plan and belongs to the scientific and technical of the Aves Program (evaluation of secondary schools) at the Manuel Leão Foundation. He lectured on inspection at the Higher Institute of Management, where he coordinated the Distance Learning Department. He was Head of Office of the Minister of Education in the 16th Government. Holding an Undergraduate Degree in Law and Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Education Science and a specialist qualification in School Administration and Management, he is an expert at CAf Education, the European Institute of Public Administration. He has published various articles and book chapters on the Portuguese education system and on schools from an organisational perspective.
Book Chapter

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As Guerras da Escolha da Escola


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