Paulo António Leitão Monteiro holds a degree in Communication Sciences (variant: Journalism) from UAL - Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, where he was awarded a «merit scholarship», because he was considered the best student of his course. He also holds a Master's degree in Applied Studies in Journalism, from the same University, where he presented a Masters dissertation on "Globalization, localization and newspapers in Lisbon". He is currently preparing a PhD in Communication Sciences at the Portuguese Catholic University.

Born in Porto, Portugal, he lived for about a decade in the United States, where he likes to return regularly, to maintain the cultural and family ties with that country. He worked as a research technician at the Prudential Private Placement Group where he was honored with the "Team Work Award" and the "ABC's Award - Above and Beyond in Customer Service" at the Financial Research Center.

In Portugal, he was a technical consultant for building maintenance services companies, most recently moving to radio and the study of Social Communication, especially the regional / local press. He currently collaborates with the Information Department of Radio Cruzeiro de Odivelas and is a member of several associations, namely the AECJ - Association of Communication Studies and Journalism, which brings together journalists and researchers in the different areas of Communication.

He regularly practices skydiving and skiing and is passionate about comic books. He is the author of the book Joaquim Pinto O Barbeiro do Poder.