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CECC-Marília Lopes-Palácio Independência

Marília dos Santos Lopes @ Palácio da Independência


On 27 February 2023, CECC researcher Marília dos Santos Lopes participated in the second session of seminar cicle "Histórias Globais Portuguesas", organized by Sociedade Histórica da Independência de Portugal with the support of Centro de Estudos Globais (Universidade Aberta), and coordinated by Paulo Drumond Braga. Her communication was dedicated to the topic of "A globalização das especiarias na Época Moderna.






CECC-Cadernos de Malte-Isabel Capeloa Gil


Isabel Capeloa Gil @ Cátedra Cascais Interartes

On 11 February 2023, CECC researcher Isabel Capeloa Gil was a guest speaker at Cátedra Cascais Interartes, an open-ended seminar devoted to the Great Works of Universal Literature, where she discussed Os Cadernos de Malte Laurids Brigge (The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge), by Rainer Maria Rilke. The session took place exclusively online.







CECC-Adriana Martins-Saramago



Adriana Martins @ University of Aveiro

CECC researcher Adriana Martins participated in the colloquium Jornada de Leitura Crítica "Saramago e os Contemporâneos", on 18 November, at the University of Aveiro. Her paper was intitled "A Viagem do Elefante ou quando Saramago colocou a sua escrita no divã".







CECC-vasos comunicantes-R.B.Maia-nov2022



Rita Bueno Maia @ University of Porto

CECC researcher Rita Bueno Maia participated in the sessions of “Vasos Comunicantes”, an event about Comparative Literature or related fields which mostly aims to share testimonials and experiences, as well as to keep track of how it has been evolving as a scientific discipline. Bueno Maia’s session took place at the University of Porto, on 29 November 2022, and was dedicated to “Pseudotranslations”.





CECC-XVI História Marítima-EN

Marília dos Santos Lopes @ Academia de Marinha (Lisbon)

CECC researcher Marília dos Santos Lopes took part in the 17th Symposium on Maritime History "Magalhães and Elcano: from the Twilight of an Expedition to the Genesis of a Global World". Focusing on Magalhães and Elcano’s expedition and on the consumer society in the 16th century, her session took place at the auditorium of Academia da Marinha, in Lisbon, on 23 November 2022. Some of the works presented in the symposium were published in the latest volume of the book Magalhães-Elcano e a Exploração das "Pacíficas às Índicas Águas", co-edited by Vítor Gaspar Rodrigues and Ana Paula Avelar (Academia da Marinha, 2022). Professor dos Santos Lopes' chapter is intitled "A Expedição Magalhães-Elcano e a busca europeia das especiarias".




CECC-CCCM-teaser vertical



Marília dos Santos Lopes @ Centro Científico e Cultural de Macau (Lisbon)

CECC researcher Marília dos Santos Lopes participated in the International Symposium "Around and About the South China Sea: Ports, Routes and Rarities Involved in Maritime Exchange, c. 1000-1600", on 9 and 10 November 2022. The event was organized by Centro Científico e Cultural de Macau (CCCM), Konfuzius-Institut (Universität Bonn) and Abteilung für Sinologie da Universität Bonn, and took place both at CCM (the Macau Museum in Lisbon) and via Zoom. Her presentation was about "Rarities in the Maritime Exchange at the South China Sea: Caspar Schmalkalden and his Travel Writing".  








Serena Cacchioli @ Morocco

CECC-Serena Cacchioli-out2022-imagem

CECC researcher Serena Cacchioli has won a research scholarship in translation from the programme “Levée d’encres: une exploration des voix à traduire en Méditerranée”. Granted by ATLAS, an association dedicated to the promotion of literary translation, and which coordinates the activities of the Collège International des Traducteurs littéraires (CITL), the scholarship seeks to further ATLAS’ aim of finding as yet undiscovered voices in French Moroccan literature and to translate them into Mediterranean languages. Translators are given the opportunity of taking part in a scientific residency program in France or abroad, during which they are able to conduct their research and build a portfolio of new authors to be translated, which is later presented to publishing houses. As for Serena Cacchioli, the target language was Italian and her residency took place in Tangier and Rabat, Morocco, from 13 October to 3 November 2022.


Alexandra Lopes, Joana Moura & Rita Bueno Maia @ University of Porto

CECC-version.subversion II-out2022

CECC researchers Alexandra Lopes, Joana Moura and Rita Bueno Maia participated in the international conference “Version / subversion II. The canon reloaded? Translation and its discontents”. Under the spectrum of literary translation, the event took place at the University of Porto between 13 and 15 October 2022. Professor Lopes presented a paper about the "Portrait of the translator as a worldmaker. On mário domingues, translatorship and lowercase"; Joana Moura discussed the topic of "Estranging Language to Transform the Canon: (Self-) Translation and Second Language Writing in Peter Handke, Abbas Khider and Yoko Tawada"; and Rita Bueno Maia questioned "Retranslating Candide in Portuguese Exile (Paris, 1846). Why a new (sub)version?".



Marília dos Santos Lopes @ University of Lisbon

CECC-cultura e comunicação-imagem

Professor and CECC researcher Marília dos Santos Lopes conducted a session of the seminar Modas, manias e filias da Ásia (Fashions, Fads and Philias of Asia). The presentation took place at Faculdade de Letras-Universidade de Lisboa (FLUL), on 14 October, about the topic of  “Asia in Modern Portugal”.