Candidaturas Mestrados e Doutoramentos 2023/2024 - Última Fase

Friday, July 7, 2023 - 10:03

We inform that a last round of applications will be avaliable for 2023/2024 Master's and PhD's Programs.

Last Round
  • Applications: July 24 to September 6 (until 23:59:59)
  • Interviews: on a rolling basis
  • Results: September 8
  • Registration: September 8 to 11


Number of spots available for the last round:

PhD in Communication Studies 4
PhD in Culture Studies 5
PhD in Psychology: Emotions and Wellbeing 5
PhD in Translation Studies 10
PhD in Social Work 10
PhD in History 15
Master in Culture Studies 10
Master in Psychology in Business and Economics 5
Master in Psychology of Wellbeing and Health Promotion 15
Master in Asian Studies 15
Master in Portuguese as a Foreign Language / Second Language 15
Master in Translation 15

Master in Social Work

Master in Family Studies 15

Note: There are no spots available for the Master in Communication Studies.

Masters PhD programs

For questions or support, please send an email to