Debra Nathan

1st Year Student

"Being part of Católica’s Psychology in Business and Economics Master has been an exceptional experience. Delivered by dedicated and experienced professors - the theoretical and practical knowledge the course offers has been thought-provoking and innovative. The diverse background of its students also makes for a unique learning experience and this has given us a chance to explore topics on a global perspective. Not forgetting all the good friends, I have made for life! Overall, the course has equipped me with the professional skills and aptitude needed to broaden and advance my career." 

Mariana Pereira

2nd Year Student

"This master's experience has been very rewarding and enriching. The first year was very interesting, given that the subjects were all very engaging and allowed me to understand what different subjects and approaches we might have within organizations, as well as to tap into emerging areas of psychology with an increasingly potential. At FCH-Católica there is a very close professor-student relationship, which allow us a better learning, without forgetting the recognized knowledge and merit of professors. It is undoubtedly a very interesting master that allows us to gain knowledge of psychology as well as business and economics, which is not seen in any other master's degree."

Seray Çoruk

2nd Year Student

"I chose to study the Master in Psychology in Business and Economics at FCH-Católica for being one of the most innovative areas that combines psychology and economics and offers progressive solutions for today’s problems. Being in Católica was completely a huge challenge and an adventure for me however, I could always feel the support from the faculty and staff. Especially as an international student, I would definitely say that Lisbon is one of the greatest cities in Europe and Católica would be an excellent opportunity to experience this amazing city as a student and as an expat."


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