Master in Portuguese Sign Language Teaching - b-learning

Program Description

The Master in Portuguese Sign Language Teaching confers a master's degree and professionalizes for the teaching of Portuguese sign language.

This new cycle of studies results from a cooperation protocol between Universidade Católica Portuguesa, through the Faculty of Human Sciences (FCH-Católica) and Institute of Health Sciences (ICS-UCP) , and the School of Education of P.Porto (ESE-IPP).

The general objectives of this program are:

  • qualify for teaching in the 1eld of LGP (cf. Decree-Law no. 79/2014 of 14 May; Decree-Law no. 16/2018 of 7 March);
  • foster the development of heuristic skills, necessary for the realization of educational action, while enhancing the construction of knowledge, know-how, know-how, know-how to transform and know how to get involved in the teaching of LGP;
  • provide the deepening and mobilization of scientific, technical and pedagogical-didactic knowledge in a perspective of articulated development of professionality and personality, as a future LGP teacher, valuing personal experience, convictions, values and knowledge;
  • enhance the development of investigative skills on educational practice through the exercise of reflection on, for and in the practice of teaching at LGP;
  • promote the construction of professional knowledge attached to teaching at LGP through research projects on practices and intervention projects, disseminating their impacts on the community in general and on the deaf community in particular;
  • promote the inclusion of deaf and hearing teachers in the deaf community, promoting activities in deaf associations and other forums linked to the LGP.