Ana Sarmento Vieira

"What led me to take a Master’s degree in Education Sciences – School Administration and Management was a desire to grow and move forward in my professional life. It was never in question that this would be a very positive thing for me, but my expectations were far exceeded! I have regained a taste for studying and learning, along with the pleasure of collaborative work, of research and personal fulfilment, and have acquired a new global outlook on Education. Sharing and teamwork, the constantly renewed curriculum and the indisputable human character of lecturers are added values that make me want to come back and repeat this experience, by taking other specializations that will undoubtedly contribute to my professional career. The difficulty will be in choosing, given all the enticing options."

Rita Lage Ulrich

Advertising Project Manager

"My enrolment and attendance of the Master’s in Education Sciences had the main goal of deepening my knowledge in an area in which I have no training, but in which I have great curiosity and interest. I came with the expectation of being able, through the Master’s degree, to structure ideas and produce knowledge in a more autonomous and sustained way. To go beyond common sense and to be able to reflect more deeply on the Education System. To date, I can say that my expectations have been met, and that the Master’s degree has proved very effective in the process of maturing some of the themes in which I am interested. The diversity of the topics covered allows me to have a fundamented perspective about the purposes and goals established by the system."


Communication and Marketing Office - Masters

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