Lugares de O'Neill




The project Lugares de O’Neill (Places of O’Neill) aimed to promote varied initiatives around the life and work of Alexandre O’Neill by underscoring the different uses of the word "place".

This research project in Portuguese Language and Culture explored the following lines of action:

1. The technical-documentary processing of Alexandre O’Neill’s personal library archives (bequeathed to Constância City Council);

2. The design and creation of a website dedicated to the life and work of Alexandre O’Neill;

3. Organising a set of activities around O’Neill’s life and work (workshops for school-aged children; poetry readings and debates for the general public; conferences for the academic community).

To achieve these goals, the research team counted on several partnerships and signed two cooperation protocols, namely with Constância City Council and Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal.

It was funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.