DIFFRACTIONS is an online, peer reviewed and open access graduate journal for the study of culture. The journal is published bi-annually under the editorial direction of graduate students in the doctoral program in Culture Studies at Catholic University of Portugal/Lisbon Consortium.

DIFFRACTIONS wishes to constitute a platform where graduate students and other young researchers can showcase their current research as well as reviews of the latest books of interest in the field. The scope of the journal is interdisciplinary and transcultural.

DIFFRACTIONS aims at publishing innovative and critical scholarly work at the intersection of disciplinary fields and make it accessible and available to the international community.

The journal defines its mission in the following points:
- Its commitment to interdisciplinary, historically and theoretically informed research in the study of culture.
- Its openness to new research domains and theoretical proposals to provide an innovative forum for the discussion of new trends in the field.
- A truly international outlook that fosters a global transfer of knowledge between different national and research cultures.
- Its dedication to a rigorous peer review process in order to encourage interdisciplinary research and to guarantee a credible venue for new researchers.

The First Series of the Journal published 6 Issues, between 2013 and 2016. A Second Series of the Journal has started in 2018, under a new Editorial Board. The online platform can be found here.