CECC's Network

National Institutions

The Lisbon Consortium - MA and PhD Programmes in Culture Studies 
CEAUL – Centre for English Studies of the University of Lisbon
CUBE: Católica Lisbon Research Unit on Business and Economics
CETAPS: Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies (FLUP and FCSH-UNL)
CITAR: Research Centre for Science and Technology of the Arts (UCP-Porto)
ICS: Health Sciences Institute (UCP-Lisbon)
CESOP: Centre for Research in Polling and Public Opinion
CIERL: Centre for Research in Regional and Local Studies
CCCM: Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre
CoLAB Digital Transformation

International Institutions

ESSCS – European Summer School in Cultural Studies
PhDnet - European Literary and Cultural Studies Doctoral Programme
Connecting the Wireless World - Writing a Global Radio History
Cultural Literacy in Europe
European Humanism in the Making: a network within the European Federation of Catholic Universities (EFCU)
The Migration, Identity and Translation Network
Literature, Cognition and Emotions (University of Oslo)