Webinar | Postgraduate Program in Psychological Intervention in Marital Stress

Thursday, June 22, 2023 - 18:30

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

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Webinar Pós-Graduação em Intervenção Psicológica no Stresse Conjugal - 22 junho

As part of the Postgraduate Program in Psychological Intervention in Marital Stress, the School of Post-Graduate will hold a webinar on June 22, where examples of each type of stressor will be presented, illustrating their clinical relevance, such as:

  • Stressors associated with conjugality (e.g., communication difficulties and conflicts);
  • Stressors associated with parenthood (e.g., reconstituted families);
  • Stressors associated with one or both members of the couple (e.g., aging);
  • External stressors (e.g., prolonged absence).

For couples, exposure to stressors is inevitable and may even constitute a normative life transition (e.g., birth of a child). This exposure can result in decreased marital satisfaction and, ultimately, the ending of the relationship. Given this, it is important to provide couples with resources that allow them to manage these challenges in an adaptive way, taking into account the particularities of different stressors.

Taking place at 6:30pm, the session in zoom format, will be attended by the coordinators of the post-graduation, Professors Bárbara Nazaré and Susana Ramalho, and Professors Marta Pedro and Rita Francisco.