The Politics of Curating Contemporary Art Programme is fully taught in English and offered mostly online (8 modules besides one and a half intensive week in Lisbon for studio and field visits). You will be expected to commit 8 hours per week to study, which includes teaching time and independent study.

The course has been designed in this way to enable you to pursue studies, while also undertaking part-time employment, internships or care responsibilities.

The teaching methodologies will consist of lecturing with engaged discussion and active participation. The assignments encourage students to develop research and critical analysis skills in the area of Curatorial Practices in its relationship with current political challenges.

Students must attend at least 2/3 of the sessions and actively participate in the sessions. Final evaluation will be based on the development of a final project/ proposal-idea for a curatorial project or programme for a previously identified (physical or online) space.

Proposals must have in consideration the theoretical topics addressed in the Course. The project’s maximum length is 2.500 words. Students are encouraged to pitch their ideas to the partners’ of the Course. 


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