Marital and Family Development

12 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

To analyse epistemologically and critically reflect on human development as a dynamic, systemic and ecological process; To critically reflect and be able to apply to different family realities different structures and family functioning models, considering the notions of life cycle and normative and non-normative transitions; To understand and be able to apply the concepts of risk and protective factors, stress and crisis, vulnerability, disruption and resilience, adjustment and adaptation; To know in depth about couple relationships throughout the family life cycle and critically reflect on couple processes in understanding the quality, satisfaction and marital stability; To know, recognize and analyse the structure and functioning of community systems and their connection with family and personal systems; To understand the genesis and dynamics of marital and family conflicts.


Assistant Professor
Rita Francisco has an Honours degree and a PhD in Psychology (specialization in Family Psychology), from the University of Lisbon. She is…
Assistant Professor
PhD in Psychology (2015), specialization in Educational Psychology, by University of Lisbon and University of Coimbra. Master's degree in Psychology - Stress…