Film Genres

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

In the end of the curricular unit, students should be able to:  understand the construction of journalism language, by knowing the origin, relevance and functions of journalistic genres; proficiently use the writing techniques of the main journalistic genres (informative, opinionative, interpretative/narrative); apply such skills in the written practice of noble genres (news, interview and reporting); recognize the specificities of journalistic genres in their various formats (press, television, radio, digital); know how to adapt the writing to the editorial position of the media; became familiar with the organization of journalistic work (routine, functions, hierarchy) in the different stages of production and informative writing; understand journalism as a social field structured by actors, practices, logics of production and a discourse order that determines the conventions of journalistic writing; analyse the challenges of contemporary journalism regarding its historical evolution and the paradigmatic models of journalistic writing.


Assistant Professor
Camila Arêas has work experience in the areas of teaching (secondary and high school), journalism (reporting, publishing) and communication…