Digital Games

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Digital Games aims at contributing to a wider understanding of the digital gaming phenomenon. Digital games have been asserting themselves as new media and their socio-cultural impact has been evident in areas such as the creative industries but also in areas such as management and marketing with the growing importance of gamification strategies. During classes, students come to understand the potential of digital games as communication and innovation platforms. At the end of the course, students should have developed skills that enable them to understand the relevance of digital games, their main mechanics and their increasing relevance to areas such as the economy, innovations and scientific research. Students also expected to grasp the impact of games and their strategies to engage the audience for the consolidation of gamification – the extension of game mechanics and functionalities to non-game contexts.


Assistant Professor
PhD in Communication Studies from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. She is currently Assistant Professor at FCH-UCP and coordinator of the BA in Social and…