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The Arts Lab is a transdisciplinary research platform which joins artists and cultural producers with researchers from CECC-Research Center for Communication and Culture, and MA and PhD students enrolled in academic programs from The Lisbon Consortium. The initiative has been implemented within the scope of the European cooperation project 4Cs: from Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture.


First edition

On its first edition, students from the international MA and PhD program in Cultural Studies produced (para)sites: a final project designed and developed in the aim of the seminar on Curatorship. From December 2021 to February 2022, they organized four artistic activities, all presented in the bookshop Espuma Dos Dias, in Lisbon, and reflected as a group on notions such as "power" and "hospitality".

The activities:
  • From 9 to 16 December 2021 | artist Pedro Vaz, "A natureza do deslumbre"
CECC-Pedro Vaz-1
CECC-Pedro Vaz-2


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  • From 6 to 13 January 2022 | artist Jane Jin Kaisen, "Leave early and come back at dusk"
CECC-J.J.Kaisen - 2 imagens

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  • From 18 to 25 January 2022 | artist Rita Senra, "A parasite at the table"
CECC-RitaSenra 1

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  • From 28 January to 4 February 2022 | artist Michelle Eistrup, "Entangled in the underground"
CECC-Michelle Eistrup-1

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Second edition

The second edition of the Arts Lab started in November 2022 with the work of the artist Ana Pérez-Quiroga. As part of her residency programme, she participated in a talk organized by CECC, and, on April 2023, she presented a solo exhibition at Galeria Fundação Amélia de Mello (Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon). She is also expected to perform studio visits, as well as to develop a cultural project with a group of MA students from The Lisbon Consortium's program in Culture Studies.

The activities:
CECC-Ana Pérez Quiroga-Arts Lab-2

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