Natacha Santos

Social Worker
Comunidade Vida e Paz

"Studying in the FCH was the best choice I could have made not only for the quality and the close relations between students and teachers but especially for all of the opportunities that I came across and that shaped me profoundly. I didn’t have any doubt at the moment of the decision and only this hypothesis arose, I had to stay. The curricular component was and remains fundamental to the process of growth and learning as a professional.

Plunging into the field, with the internships that I did, enabled, step by step, an understanding of the unbreakable relationship between theory and practice and how they mutually influence each other. It was through the faculty and the internships that there came the opportunity to get a job.

Throughout this journey, there was a dimension that, in my perspective, was also of extreme importance; the supervision of the professors, a close proximity, which is perhaps one of the features of this degree that I shall always remember with special affection. I take away the mark of the faculty and a value that will last forever."


Marketing and Communication Office - Undergraduate

Phone: (+351) 217 214 293