Alexandra Jóni Nogueira

"I retain a great deal of the academic path I took at the Faculty of Human Sciences. More than some route to the discovery of Psychology, I followed a path of self-discovery. I learned how to listen beyond words and express myself beyond what I say. I acquired and developed the competences that are today fundamental to my academic and professional activities.

I would highlight the research and the written and oral presentation alongside the learning of a posture and attitude tailored to the exercise of clinical practices. In addition to its challenging structure and the more than capable lecturing staff, this degree stands out for its investments in innovation and in the transformation of opportunities. For the education experience, for the opportunities to grow, for the professors that I met, for the friends I made, I feel today grateful and confident in my future."

Joana Costa

"As a student of the first three years of this degree, I gained the privilege of getting personalised supervision from the magnificent lecturing staff who were always available to help whenever necessary. This degree includes a range of subjects essential to any psychologist and strives to establish an interconnection between them, as well as the more introductory subjects, such as General Psychological and Psychometrics, and the more specialist such as Clinical Psychology and Psychological Evaluation without ever forgetting Statistics and Research Methods.

I feel that I am well prepared for the second cycle of studies. Due to the sheer scope of the study plan, I understood about the existence of the diverse fields of Psychology and this enabled me to make better and more informed choices. I deepened my competences in terms of project development and having even presented a research project to a congress; furthermore, the theoretical-practical component of the degree facilitated my acquisition of the skills needed for the Master’s Degree.

There were various points in time when, during the Master’s classes, we made reference to subjects I already understood through means of the undergraduate degree and, even in the writing of reports, I have on various occasions made recourse to the materials made available earlier by FCH professors. Furthermore, there is also all the training and acquisition of competences in reading and the analysis of scientific articles."


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