Applications and Tuition Fees - 2018/2019

  • Application fee: 100.00€
  • Registration and 1st enrollment: 360.00€ + 438.00€ (1st installment of payment plan referring to September 2018)
  • Tuition fees (5 instalments per semester): 14.60€ per credit (14.60€ x number of monthly credits = monthly fee).

Example = 14.60€ x 30ECTS = 438.00€ /monthly – 4380.00€ total for the year.

The monthly fees are calculated in line with the number of ECTS for which the student is enrolled in that semester.


Note: The application fee, registration and 1st enrollment are not refundable. 


Ana Vilar

Consultant and Entrepreneur
Little Pink Riding Hood, The Netherlands
“(…) gathered a great deal of knowledge that is still today valuable to all of my professional experience, especially the flexibility and adaptability that it encourages through touching on various different areas. This cross-subject approach has proven fundamental to enabling me to advance with my personal projects with greater autonomy and confidence (…).”