Rights of Data Subjects

This document provides more detailed information about the rights that the General Data Protection Regulation endows on data subjects regarding their data and that are to be respected by the Faculty of Human Sciences to the extent that the Faculty processes and stores these data within the scope of its activities.

I. Right of Access

Upon request, you may obtain confirmation of whether your; personal data are processed by the Faculty of Human Sciences.

You may furthermore access your personal data as well as obtain the following information:

(I) Reasons why your personal data are processed; (II) Categories of personal data processing; (III) entities to which your personal data may be transferred, including entities located in countries outside of the European Union and international organisations, in which case you are to be informed of the safeguards applicable to the transferring of your data; (IV) Period of retention for storing your data or, where this is not possible, the criteria for determining how long they will be stored; (V) Rights held in relation to the handling of your personal data; (VI) if your personal data have not been provided by you, information about the respective source (VII) the existence of automated individual decisions, including the definition of profiles and, in this case, information about the underlying reasoning to such processes as well as their importance and foreseeable consequences.

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II. Right to Rectification

Whenever you consider that your personal data (the objective personal data that you provided) are either incomplete or incorrect, you may request either their rectification or that they be duly completed.

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