CECC is committed to fostering the dissemination of its research in both national and international renowned Scientific Journals and Publishing Companies.

From 2013 to 2017, CEEC researchers have published around 800 articles, book-chapters and books, which have definitely changed the field of communication and culture studies. The following examples represent activities carried out by CECC in 2013-2017:

ECCPublication of 13 volumes of the series "Estudos de Comunicação e Cultura" (Universidade Católica Editora);

of logo revPublication of 4 issues of the journal Comunicação e Cultura: Arte e Poder (nº 15); Pré-Guerras (16); Diálogos Singulares (17); (Re)thinking Communication and Culture (18); preparation of (19) Memória Visual and (20) Tradução, Cosmopolitismo e Resistência;

diffractions logoLaunch of the first six issues of the Graduate Journal for the Study of Culture Diffractions.