Maria João Figueiras

Associate Professor
Clinical psychologist, PhD. in Health Psychology awarded by Kings College (University of London -2000), MSc. in Health Psychology (United Medical and Dental University Schools- London - 1994). She is an Associate Professor at the Piaget Institute and Coordinator of the Master in Clinical Health Psychology of the Piaget Institute - ISEIT (Almada). She is President of the Portuguese Association of Health and Behavioural Sciences, a full member of the Portuguese Society of Health Psychology, a full member of the European Health Psychology Society and of the college of Portuguese Psychologists. Invited Professor of the Master of Health Psychology at the University of Minho and at ISPA- Instituto Universitário, as well as at the University of Évora. She belongs to the editorial board of the Journal Psychology, Community and Health, Psicologia, Saúde e Doença e Fatores de Risco of the Portuguese Cardiology Society; reviewer of the scientific journals Psychology and Health, Health Psychology and the British Journal of Health Psychology, among others. She has published 44 articles in scientific journals, nine works in conference proceedings and nine book chapters. She supervised one doctoral thesis and 19 Master’s Degree dissertations in addition to 47 B.A. theses in the areas of Psychology and Health Sciences. She received four research awards. Between 2001 and 2014, she coordinated three FCT funded research projects in cooperation with other entities. Her field of research is Social Sciences and Humanities with an emphasis on the area of Health Psychology.