Professor-Secretary of the Board of the Faculty of Human Sciences (since 2016). Graduated in Philosophy (Minor: Ethical-Political Philosophy) from FCH-UCP and wrote her Final Work, «The concept of Citizen in Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler», under the guidance of Professor Mendo Castro Henriques. Her MA dissertation was "From the Pure Act to the Incarnated Word". The route of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the "Compendium Theologiae", under the supervision of Professor Manuel Barbosa da Costa Freitas. She finished her PhD in 2013 with a thesis entitled "The Possible and the Necessary in the Ontology of Thomas Aquinas". From the Contingent Being to the Necessary Being', having as her supervisor Professor Maria Leonor Xavier (FLUL). Inês Bolinhas is Assistant Guest Professor at the FCH and (since 2009) Coordinator of the Undergraduate program in Philosophy. Presently, she is also a Member of the FCH Board. She is a researcher at the Centre of Philosophy Studies (FCH-UCP) and collaborates with the Medieval Philosophy Office (IF-FLUP). She is also a member of both SIEPM and SOFIME.