National Applications

We inform the applications calendar for 2018/2019 Undergraduate Programs is already available.

1st Phase

2nd Phase

  • Applications: from July 9th to 24th
  • Posting of Results: July 26th
  • Registration: July 27th to August 2nd
  • Applications: until August 8th
  • Posting of Results: August 10th
  • Registration: August 13th to 17th

Last Phase

  • Applications: until September 12th
  • Posting of Results: September 13th
  • Registration: September 14th

Required documents for application:

  • ID Card
  • Photograph
  • Ficha ENES

Learn more about the Applications to the Undergraduate Programs, here.


For any question, please send an email to


Vasco Cotovio

CNN, Reino Unido
It was (…) at the Católica-Human Sciences where I took my first steps in journalism, where I began doing my first reports and (…) interviews and so my first works of journalism. And it was through the Universidade Católica Portuguesa that I later managed to get my first internship at SIC Notícias, which ended up turning into my first job as a journalist.”