Scientific Field of the Psycho-Pedagogical

The Scientific Field of the Psycho-Pedagogical inherits a substantial historical legacy made up of the hundreds of Master’s Degree graduates across the most varied of fields but all anchored within the study domain of the Education Sciences.

Currently, this scientific field accepts primary and secondary school teachers as its preferential audience, seeking to upgrade and improve their professional competences.

The training range we provide seeks to boost the competences of teachers based on the assumption that good and solid pedagogical training contributes to the success of the students that each has downstream from their respective daily activities. The programs display a flexible and pluri-disciplinary approach which, beyond the specific scientific content, also makes available curricular units on Research Methodologies and the Information and Communication Technologies. This diversity, itself reflecting the multiple learnings essential to living and working in the 21st century, constitutes one of the essential keys to its success. This perhaps reflects in our programs attracting a significant number of applications from those with professional activities other than teaching.

Professors in this field are active in the TEIP – the Education Territories for Priority Intervention as both experts and consultants with close ongoing cooperation with the UCP Faculty of Education and Psychology.

The lecturing staff have all developed research activities with publications in leading national and international journals across the fields of IT for Education, School Administration and Childhood Education.