Research Group related to Psychology and Family Sciences


The Research Centre of Psychology and Family Sciences represents a scientific research organisational structure under the auspices of the Institute of Family Sciences and the Psychology program of the FCH – Faculty of Human Sciences, UCP – the Catholic University of Portugal. This seeks to provide continuity and to strengthen the already ongoing scientific research initiatives of lecturers and researchers, both internal and those associated with the FCH, and bring about the convergence of projects dispersed across their own research lines – strong, innovative and promising – boosting and disseminating research on relevant and contemporary themes within the fields of Family Sciences and Psychology that hold particular importance to professionals in these sectors as well as constituting matters of major public interest.

Hence, the Research Centre of Psychology and Family Sciences correspondingly defines the following core objectives:

  • Contributing towards the progress of knowledge in the psychological and family sciences and providing an institutional and infrastructural framework facilitating the research activities of its members;
  • Publishing the scientific knowledge resulting from its research activities through national and international publications, conferences and seminars;
  • Fostering interdisciplinary approaches to psychological processes applied to different contexts, in particular the Family, Health and the Economy;
  • Boosting national and international cooperation alongside participation in research networks and institutions sharing similar interests.